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National Federation Of The Blind Maharashtra

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  • Novel Corona Insight Project: The NFBM as a part of its special relief program for specially abled beneficiaries has launched the Novel Corona Insight project with this initiative, we have so far reached out to 950 families. We have distributed free dry rations provided medical assistance and offered Covid 19 related counselling services. So far, the federation has spent Rs 32 lakhs in the first 3 months (April, May and June) in the 2020-21.
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  • Distribution of Mask to VIPs: The NFBM is currently collecting funds for the mask for VIP's project. We plan to distribute 10,000 mask to blind persons and their families the total estimated budget for this project is Rs 350,000/-.
  • Braille Booklet for the blind: Publication and distribution of a comprehensive Covid -19 information booklet is in the works. Our Braille Publishing Centre will produce and distribute this booklet.